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The Website for Foleshill's People.
This site is part of a campaign to restore Foleshill, to stop abuse of Planning laws, to halt the destruction of Coventry's remaining architectural and urban heritage.

To reverse the decline of Foleshill, Coventry and ultimately of Great Britain. To regain our former reputation, as a centre of engineering excellence and Britain's place as a beacon of industrial success for the World.

Livingstone Baths, under threat: Many local activists are campaigning to save Livingstone Baths, a valuable leisure and sports centre for the people of Foleshill. Coventry Council and Coventry Sports Trust want to close the Centre down, leaving us with nothing. A cynical move to make a bit of money by selling off public property, with no regard for local wishes.

Link to Telegraph report. Meeting report. E-Mail the Protest Movement. For those who care about Foleshill, please help in any way you can. Join the Protest Movement, go to the meetings, make your voice heard. Don't leave it to others, they are probably leaving it to you.

The Council's intention, cynically already decided, is to spend many millions of Council Tax Payer's money on a facility in Bell Green or Court House Green. Out of reach of many Foleshill residents, especially those most in need. Less money than that, spent on Livinstone Baths, could restore it to a top class local venue. We don't need an Olympic Standard facility as one of their officers seemed to be suggesting.

Opus Foods, illegal street market: The obstruction and mess outside Opus Foods in Foleshill Road continues to grow. The store is almost impassable for most of the day, especially for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and mothers with push-chairs or prams etc. Dadyal, on the opposite side, have seen Opus get away with it and are obstructing the pavement. Food City have also crept a few inches onto the narrow pavement. The area is looking more and more like a 'shanty town'. We boycott these stores, but need help from others, if we are to get their attention.

Council Officers seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Current Local Councillors do not act on this or on many other issues. There are allegations that at least on of them uses his influence to support Opus. When do we see Councillors anyway, apart from the odd election leaflet, asking for our vote? 'Thumbnail' links to some photos of the "Opus illegal Street Market" are on the right. To E-Mail us, you may use this link.

Foleshill Moving Forward. The meeting held on 26th April at the Muslim Resource Centre, Red Lane, was productive in bringing together local people/groups to discuss local issues. More local resident's support would have been better. The name 'Foleshill Moving Forward' (FMF) was discussed and chosen by vote. An interim Executive Commitee was formed. FMF covers the whole community regardless of position, age, ethnicity, gender, faith etc). A monthly schedule for meetings was decided, next is on 31st of May, please come.

The Muslim Resource Centre is a short way from Stoney Stanton Road, on the right hand side of Red Lane. It lays back from the road, in its own grounds, with railings. It is possible that other venues may be used in future.

Not so long ago Alfred Herbert Limited, in Foleshill, supplied the World with top class industrial machine tools. Coventry was famed as 'Motor City', the centre and birthplace of the motor vehicle industry. As the home of bicycle building, Marconi and Sir Frank Whittle, inventor & pioneer of the jet engine etc. Not just famous for a horseback social protest, by a naked lady.

The decline of those days culminated during Mrs. Thatcher's Government, with their effective policy of de-industrialisation. She helped to make us what Napoleon once called us, 'a Nation of Shopkeepers'. We need a government with the will and intention to reverse this decline. It can be done !

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